Graduating Class of 2009

30 07 2009

The Tale of the Graduating Class of 2009


To the graduating class of 2009

Let’s reflect on this year; your memories and mine


I hope that you will remember 8th grade well

Because we know there are many stories to tell


Sit-up, stop, look and listen as I try to remember

And tell a tale of class 2009 and each student member


Kyle with his quiet and ironic sense of humor stood out above the rest

Zorana showed us that no matter your size you can still be the best


The “triplets” and Justin ran the show

Desiree, Marisa and Reanna your beautiful faces and names I now know.

 the girls

Reshawn learned quickly the books you read do not determine age

When designing the Yearbook Cover – Brook made that artistic page

 Brook & company

Throughout the year J.T., Junior and Robert were inseparable

Just as Alysa and Nadya’s friendship was unbreakable


Jonnel was a late arrival but the way he fit in was impressive

Nina and Flora loved to be artistic and their work was very expressive


Devin and James liked to hum, sing and find the beats

While Jessica made others feel special by bringing sweet treats


Elia and Alysa became my personal stalkers

Donna Marie,  Lupe and Jackie were my 2nd period talkers


Andre and Anthony always had a laugh and a smile

Raquel and Reigan made teaching worthwhile


Steven – the world traveler – will be remembered for his hair

Marco – the classroom traveler – often strayed from his chair


Elena is an insightful teenager who wrote about being a teen in an “A+” report

Back in December Emanuel played Santa was had fun while being a great sport


Ramndeep and Simran were always positive and enthusiastic

And I must say that Joshua’s clothing style was just plain fantastic


Alex and Blake made a final push to raise their grade

Storie, our very own Star who’s soft, gentle way will never fade


Ulises and Vik did not like to write

Hannah, Aman and Guadalupe were a classroom delight

 tired grads

Daniel and Bryan both had a soft, shy grin

Brandon who arrived during T2 had not problem fitting in.

Brandon Blue 

Liz worked to make graduation her achievement goal

Harjit an all around great student who worked hard – heart and soul


As you step into your future I hope you remember the lessons taught to you

Most of all, I hope that to yourself you will always be true


Now my story of the class of 2009 is done

I hope each of you reminisce about all of your 8th grade fun


Thank you for sharing these memories of mine

Congratulations to each of you – the class of TWO – THOUSAND – AND – NINE!


Class of 09


Why I hate my job

14 05 2009

Why I hate my job.

     Today is one of those days when I really hate my job!  I became a teacher because I enjoy working with kids and watching them grow, learn and develop such quirky yet unique personality traits.  Jr. High is a never ending evolution of growing and learning.  Every day is different and every student is different.  Unfortunately, every once in awhile there will be a student who either makes your life miserable or breaks your heart because they are crying out for help and your hands are tied.  Yes, there are days I REALLY hate my job.

     I have a student who is a pathological, habitual liar.  She is SO quick to respond with a lie that you begin to think that you are wrong.  I have NEVER met anyone in my life that has NO moral compass or conscious.  It is scary and sad.  I have been accused of “framing” her for cheating.  She wrote a letter to the principal saying that she turned in two assignments needed for graduation and that I “lost” them.  The worse part is that a girl who was a really good kid is now adopting the way of her lying friend.  The lying is one thing, but then she gets defiant, rude, disrespectful and almost violent.  The year cannot end soon enough. This student definitely makes my life miserable. 

     Then there are the students who just break your heart.  Students who are struggling with so many issues and they just want to feel safe and secure. Students who just need someone to believe in them, someone to accept them unconditionally, some one who will guide them through the rough and rugged road of adolescence. They want an education, they want to better their lives, but they are still fragile in heart and spirit.  They need help before their heart and spirit are broken forever.  As teachers, our hands are so tied and the bureaucracy of it all leaves a student in pain without help and our hearts keep breaking.   When a student tells you that they hate life and about the dysfunctional things that go on at home and CPS is contacted, but nothing is done it is heart breaking.  The student remains in a world of loneliness and is ostracized by the family for trying to show some integrity and working to better their life.  Sometimes the student will talk to you, other times they will write you letter.  No matter how they communicate with you, your heart is crying for them and you feel so useless because you cannot do anything to help – and that is all they want – help.

 Some days I really hate my job.

    summer vacation therapy                              1 teach superpower

The School Year Begins 2008 – 2009

10 08 2008
2008-2009 School Year
Tomorrow begins a new school year for many of us.  I know some of you are excited, some of you are apprehensive, some of you are dreading every passing moment that brings you to the inevitable and some of you could care less.  As I mentally prepare myself for tomorrow and run through my mind if I have everything I need to greet a new group of students – academically and personally – I can not help but think about former students and where they are now.

I am not going to go over 19 previous classes – I do have to be at work tomorrow morning – however – I would like to say a little something about the former students who are still here in Manteca Unified.

Seniors at Sierra:  You are the last class I had the privilege of teaching at Lathrop where I began my teaching career.  This group of students was a fun class to have and a smart class.  I hope that you will make a lot of wonderful memories throughout your senior year as you work your way toward that diploma.

Juniors at Sierra:  You were the FIRST graduating class at Veritas- a small graduating class – but the first class.  It was such a great experience to break in a new school with all of you.  It will be exciting to see you graduate in 2010! 

Sophmores at Sierra and Lathrop High:   I think I will always remember this group as having way too much drama and not enough boys to balance things out.  So many tears through your 7th & 8th grade years.  You kept me busy and constantly in need of daily updates on what was going on and why everyone was crying.  Not to mention the kleenex supply I went through.  We should have made it into a reality show.     BUT – you were also a good group of students with a lot of intelligence and insight into so many things.  I hope your sophmore year brings you less drama and more enjoyment.  Those who are attending Lathrop High – you will be the first graduating class – serve your school well!

Freshman at Sierra and Lathrop High: A very unique, quirky and very fun group of students.  (For details – see my blog about my homeroom.)  You are the LARGEST graduating class from Veritas to date.  You rock!   You are a group of students with so much potential – I have had a sneak preview at your STAR scores – and I have seen what you are capable of doing.  So go in to the high schools and show those teachers what you are capable of doing.  I want to see you ALL get that high school diploma.  Class of 2012!

Tomorrow morning as many of you are sitting in your new classes and meeting new teachers, I will also be meeting new students a beginning a new class.  As usual, I will take my deep-first-day-of-school-breath and hold on to that until the last student steps off campus on the last day of school.  Good thing I have 19 years of experience when it comes to holding my breath.


One very unique homeroom – 2008

11 07 2008

*Class of 2008 – My Homeroom*

(See sidenote at end of blog)

Teachers do not just teach, we learn.  Everyday, every year – we learn.  This year I learned about acceptance, not taking people at face value and the power of the heart.  My homeroom this year was a group of students I can never forget.  They were quirky, unique and protective and supportive of each other and me.  As they would say – “They had each other’s back – including mine.  I do not know if I will ever have a group of students like this again. They will be hard to top – that’s for sure. Let me see if I can accurately do justice to the quirky, unique, one-of-a-kind group of students I called my homeroom from August 2007 to June 2008.

When I first saw my class list I told my fellow Jr. High teachers that my homeroom would probably send me in to early retirement before Christmas.  You see I knew many of my students because they had been in my classes as 7th graders and they had driven me crazy then!

Needless to say the year started off in such a way that it looked like I would be retiring by Thanksgiving.  My homeroom was driving me crazy, driving the other teachers crazy and even the Principal crazy.  There were more complaints, more discipline issues and more problems with the students in my homeroom than that of the ENTIRE Jr. High.  It was very frustrating as their homeroom teacher.  Everyday I would have students who had been written up for inappropriate behavior or hear stories about students who SHOULD have been written up.


My homeroom in cartoon form – who do you see?


I got very tired and frustrated with them showing up throughout the day because they had been kicked out of another class due to behavior.  At one point I even tried bribery, but that did not work either.



They just did not seem to get it.  Some days I felt like I was  talking to a group of blank walls.


How I felt – many times!

AND                                What I said MANY times!

Excuse me! What are you doing?

However, all was not lost – every once in awhile I would see a glimpse of the “diamonds in the rough.” I would catch that brief glimpse of potential, that fleeting moment of “what could be” and I began to realize that maybe, just maybe, I had underestimated my homeroom and needed to give them the benefit of the doubt that they deserved.

So, I rearranged seats, reinforced my expectations once again and began to accept their individuality, their uniqueness and most of all their quirky sense of humor.

I first begin to appreciate them during P.E.  There were three 8th grade homerooms and my homeroom was the most enthusiastic and most fun when it came to P.E.  Whatever we did for P.E, whether it be sprints or duck-duck-goose, they would smile and participate with unchallenged enthusiasm.  They were upbeat and always tried to have fun.  Many days they made me smile and laugh.  When the boys took off one day running laps while holding hands, I was laughing so hard I could not even tell them they were going the wrong direction.  If you have not seen a group of 13/14 year old boys run while holding hands, you have missed out.  There were so many times I wish I would have had my video camera with me.  I could have won top prize on American Funniest Videos AND have had the most hits on You Tube!! They were the best!

As I began to see their hidden potential and appreciate them for their uniqueness and individual personalities, I also noticed the bond they had among themselves.    Of the three homerooms they were the most cohesive.  They were close; they got along with each other – most days – and were very defensive of one another – even me.  There was one incident where I thought they were going to tear a part a disrespectful 7th grader for being rude to me.


Don’t worry – I got your back!


By 3rd trimester they were the “favorite” 8th grade class.  They did not bicker among themselves and academically they really stepped it up.  In fact, my homeroom had the lowest number of non-graduates.  I was very proud to say each name of every one of them as they received their diploma. I can say that each one stepped it up and did what needed to be done to earn their 8th grade diploma.


I am very proud of each one, not only for graduation, but for growing, maturing and working so hard to meet their goals.  I also want to thank them for reminding me to look for that shiny diamond in the rough and for bringing their individual, unique personality to our class to make it a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable homeroom.


In NO particular order:

Kayson:  future high school sport stand out, who, when focused can do great things academically.  However, his “ladies man” weakness may trip him up if he is not careful. : ) Remember Kayson – you can play any sport out there and be good at it – save the girls for off-season.


Brittany:  who could read circles around any one – just needed to stay on the same book as the rest of the class.  Thanks to Kayson for keeping her on the right book.  Brittany was a great cheerleader for the younger students during their P.E.



Travis: a smile and sense of humor to brighten anyone’s day. He had some rough moments, but he pulled it together and got that well deserved diploma. Yeah – Travis!   His enthusiasm for “the  wave” and having fun was unchallenged. I believe my homeroom, because of Travis, was the only 8th grade class to do a perfect wave after a fire drill!!  ; ) Travis is as smooth as butter and gotta love his hair.



Johnny: always upbeat, friends to all and he always roots for the underdog – which is what I really admire him for.  I have known Johnny since hewas six, so I was able to tease him relentlessly and he would just smile and nod. Of course, when he and Tyler get together – watch out world because danger is a brewing. Keep all ladders under lock and key!


Alex: the hair, the smile, the heart of gold and the hair!  Alex was protective and loyal – as well as reckless – you need to have a license to drive a car in the State of California – Alex!  At least once a day you could depend on Alex to be up to something.  However, Alex did know how to brighten the day of all the teachers and was a great motivator when it came to getting the class warmed up for P.E.

I think ALex said this everyday to everybody!


Michael: quiet, soft spoken, but a true friend who always watched out for his friends to make sure they were okay.  He was always concerned about the well-being of others. Michael has a very gentle spirit and is one very, classy, noble young man.



Didra: new to our school this year, but before long fit in perfectly.  Her upbeat attitude and beautiful smile were one of the things that kept me going during those days of contemplating early retirement.  Didra is a wonderful young lady and I will miss our conversations.



Ravneet: what would I have done without her!  She kept me so organized and on track.  There were times I honestly would have been lost without her.  I admire her strong desire to succeed and her determination to do the best she can do.  I know Ravneet will go far in life!


Carlo: he did not enter my homeroom until 3rd trimester, but it was not long before he blended in perfectly. Always polite and considerate, even when he got caught chewing gum over and over again.  Carlo was a wonderful addition to my homeroom because he wasn’t afraid to be himself.



Darren: very creative when it came to making different types of tools to shoot projectiles across the room – even though this would usually get him in trouble.  However, I have to give him credit for his creativity.  I also must say that the last day of school when so much packing a moving had to be done – Darren stepped up and helped out a lot.  Now if he would just smile more.

; )


Paula:  the girl who has the ability to be one of the best female athletes in our district if she chooses to do so.  Paula has great athletic potential if she would just believe in herself.




Jaslyn: a very talented writer – one of the best in all of 8th grade.  I hope she will take Honors English and show the high school teachers her deep intelligence and talent. I have to personally thank Jaslyn for getting me hooked on the “Twilight” series. She told me I would “love” it – and she was right – I am now addicted.



Jana: what a sweetheart! It has been a joy to have you as a student for two years in a row.  I have enjoyed watching you learn and grow into the wonderful young lady you are today.  I can’t wait to see and hear about the things you do in high school because whatever you do – I know you will always do your best.




Christian: almost always smiling and laughing.  Every once in awhile he would have a bad

day – like all of us – but Christian loved to smile and laugh.  He also knew how to brighten every teacher’s day – chocolate – and we are expecting him to keep up the tradition – after all he has two little brothers still at our school.  ; )



Karina: never said a bad thing about anything, always concerned about others, helpful and one of the hardest working students I have ever had the privilege of teaching – I do not think she missed an assignment in 2 years. She taught me the true meaning of perseverance = never give up!!


Aivary: best dressed boy in the entire school, not just 8th grade.  I think Aivary had a different pair of shoes for everyday of the week and every outfit.  I have to give him credit, his shoes always matched his clothes.  The question is: how many pairs of shoes does Aivary really have?


Ronnie: I could always depend on him to help me out with whatever I needed. He would take charge of organizing and leading P.E. to fixing my stool and filing cabinet.  Ronnie was always working hard and doing the best job he could. He was always respectful, trustworthy and there when I needed help.  Who is going to fix things for me next year?

I’ll fix it!


Adrian: quiet and reserved at first – then once he found his comfort zone – look out world – here’s Adrian!  Adrian’s personality just shines and it is never a dull moment when he is around.  I think he would just be happy hanging out with his friends and telling stories – or listening to stories. J I just wish he was going to high school around here instead of Stockton. I know his friends are going to miss him.


Mercedes: she understood the novel “The Outsiders” so well.  I just wish she would have used her independent, strong spirit to achieve the things she was capable of doing.  Don’t take the easy way out – you’re better than that.




Kevin: so quiet and reserved.  No one ever had a bad word to say about Kevin and he has more friends than he even realizes. Kevin, believe in yourself, because you have what it takes to succeed at anything and be remarkable.


Tri: Nobody could beat Tri’s smile, enthusiasm, positive attitude and upbeat outlook on life. Tri always had a smile, was polite to others and everyone liked him because he was a friend to all.  Tri is the only student I have ever had who smiled the entire time he ran his 6 to 7 minute miles.  I love his smile, positive attitude and desire to gain new knowledge everyday.



Damion: Welcome to California!  I know things are done a little differently out here on the West Coast, but once you figured out how things went, you did great.  One piece of advice for you, Damion; don’t be afraid to let other people know how smart you really are because I see great things for you in the future.


Jena: quiet and unassuming, but independent, strong and intelligent under that quiet demeanor.  I enjoyed our one-on-one talks when I had the chance to see beyond the young lady who always sat so quietly in class, even when I butchered her last name – but I got it right at graduation!  : )




Kirandeep: thank you for telling me how to pronounce your last name.  All these years of teaching and not a single student told me that I was saying it wrong.  Thank you. My future students will be thankful also. Your intelligence and determination are going to lead you down a successful road in the future.


Oscar: somewhere between the end of 7th grade and the beginning of 8th grade you found your “niche” and entered 8th grade with self-confidence and the desire to achieve.  I watched how you learned a lot during your 8th grade year, but I think the most valuable lesson you learned was not to hit someone on the back of the head.  : )



Carolina: a social butterfly who loved to smile, laugh and visit with friends.  However, you did work hard and did what you needed to do in order to graduate 8th grade – I am very proud of all the improvements you made between 7th and 8th grade.  I hope you will continue your successful streak in high school and do really wonderful things over the next 4 years.



Kyle: another late comer to my homeroom.  Kyle had a hard time at first adjusting to my quirky, unique homeroom.  I don’t think he knew what to think of all of us at first. However, by 3rd trimester he had adjusted to all of us and fit right in.  Kyle worked really hard 3rd trimester to make sure he had everything done he needed to have done in order to graduate.  Good job!


Shanice: a.k.a the energizer bunny.  Shanice has more energy than anyone I have every met.  I get tired of watching her sometimes.  However, Shanice is outgoing, friendly and not afraid to say what is on her mind.  She is also a talented athlete.  I hope in high school she will focus on the important things in high school – like academics – instead of boys.




Austin: I am sure he went home complaining when he discovered I was his homeroom teacher AGAIN!  We did start off a little rocky, just like we ended 7th grade, but slowly things began to change. He began to pay attention in class and get less DARS and I began to notice this change.  By 3rd trimester we came to some kind of unspoken understanding and acceptance of each other.  I was able to tease him and he would smile and laugh instead of getting defensive.  Of all the students in my homeroom Austin was the toughest diamond in the rough to see, but when I finally saw it, it was on of the brightest.


Austin on the first day of school. : )


As I reflect back on my first 8th grade homeroom I remember the good days, the bad days, the downright ugly days and the beautiful day they crossed the stage to receive their 8th grade diploma after I said each name.


It was a crazy, odd, quirky, once-in-a-lifetime ride through the 2007-2008 school year and I will always remember being the driver of this unique group of passengers.







REMEMBER: The road to success is always under construction!

*SIDENOTE*: There are SO many 8th graders that I enjoyed having in my classes this year and I am going to miss them all.  Each 8th grader brought something unique to class and I wish them nothing but much success in high school.  I wish I could have listed them all – but I only have so much time before I have to go back to work.  Keep in touch, keep and eye out for the VW and remember any time you see Johnny Depp – Ms. Ryan really likes him! ; )



Things I STRONGLY dislike.

8 02 2008

The other day in class my homeroom, and mind you, ONLY my homeroom could start this type of conversation, begin discussing things I do not like.  When I mentioned some of the foods I dislike, you would have thought I drove a stake into some of their hearts.  They GASPED and grabbed at their chests.   (Jr. High students can be a little dramatic at times.)  So as all 30 of them tried to ask me about individual things I like and dislike . . . . . . .  I thought to myself that it would be much easier if I just put it all in writing.  So here it is:  My list of DISLIKES– just understand – this is a list in progress.


Food and Drink

*Rice     *Apples      *Corn beef and Cabbage     *Coconut     *Bananas     *Meatloaf     *Italian Food    

*Any type of melon     *Oranges     *Black-Eyed Peas     *Coffee*Sausage     *Sourdough Bread     *Grape Juice  

*Apple Juice     *Most cheeses     *Any food that involves the intestines of some animal     *Beer (gross!!!)     *Wine

*Most foreign food     *Ketchup     *Sweet Potatoes (Yams)     *Champagne     *Slimy boiled food

Certain traits people possess or things they do – that I REALLY dislike

*Lying     *Cheating     *Bully     *Stealing     *Hypocrites     *Rude     *Disrespectful

*Using the “F” word – I HATE that word     *Judging others     *No morals or ethics    

*People who think they are better than every one else = egotistical     *Mean & Cruel

*People who think they can do whatever they want     *People who hurt animals      *Pull an attitude in class 

*Ignore all rules and instructions     *Crude and Vulgar     *Keep talking when the teacher is talking   

  *People who never try     *Lazy     *Try to be sneaky and get away with things     *People who hurt others    

*People who will not open their mind to new ideas and thoughts     *Dishonesty   

*People who are not responsible pet owners – spay and neuter your pets!     *People who ALWAYS have to interrupt   

  *People who whine and complain     *People who do not have any integrity    

*People with negative attitudes     *Illegal drug users     *Drug dealers    

People who take more than they give.

General things I dislike

*Hot weather – anything over 80 degrees is too hot     *Humidity     *Being sick     *Bad drivers 

*Dogs that are running lose and hurt people – pet owners need to be responsible     *Political commercials     *Guns  

   *Violence     *War     *Death     *Bigotry     *Music that is full of swear words and is degrading to women      *Cancer 

   *Prejudice     *ILLITERACY     *Getting up early     *Stepping in gum     *Golf     *Drunk drivers     *Bad food   

  *Stupid movies     *Stupid music    *When people talk REALLY loud on their cell phone in a public place

*Bad breath     *Body odor     *Root canal     *Flying     *Littering     *Smoking    

*Paying a lot of money for a pair of shoes     *Poor service at a restaurant     *Rude salespeople/cashiers    

 *Price of gasoline     *Illegal drugs 

I am sure that I will have more things to add to my list later, but for now this is what I have.  This is my existing “dislike list” as of this moment.Tell me what you dislike.    ** I have decided that when I think of new things, I will add them in a different color to signify they are new to the list.**

Parents and Grandparents

14 01 2008

Love Them While We Can

They tied our shoes, took us to school    tying-shoes.jpg

Patched our worn out jeans and soothed our fears

And childish fears and listened to our dreams  


Somewhere along their golden years

Their hair has lost its sheen.


The notes of hymn one hundred ten crackle when they sing. 

Now they are alone, no children’s voices fill their empty home.                                                                  

We must love them while we can. 

The folks that taught us our first words

Still have much to say seniorcorps1.jpg

The silver secrets of this world                     

Lie beneath those crowns of gray.

 As they approach the end we change our role from children to best friends. 

We must love them while we can. 


I love Alaska

24 07 2007

I have decided that I was born in the wrong state.  Don’t get me wrong – I think California is one of the best places to live, and if you had asked me 2 years ago if I would ever want to live in another state, I would say no.  However, that was before I went to Alaska.   I LOVE Alaska!  I would love to live in Alaska.  This was my second cruise to Alaska and I fell deeper in love with this beautiful country than I was before.  It is INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!















I have many pictures of my trip to Alaska, but they do not do true justice to the beauty of amazing place. 

 However, I will try to share what I can.  I will try to be less of a talker and show most of my trip through pictures.












  Sunset from the ship      



The evening view from our room  


Our first stop was Ketchikan, Alaska – it is a rainforest.  We took a tour of the city by horse-drawn wagon – with a “guide” dog.  Ketchikan is also known for it’s many totem poles – they are pretty cool – all hand carved.

tour-2.jpg      tour.jpg     guide-dog.jpg    totem-2.jpg  

After our sight-seeing tour we walked down “Creek Street” and did some shopping.  Creek Street was famous for all the brothels that were there during the Gold Rush.  The most famous one being “Dolly’s.”



       Creek Street and Dolly’s (light green house) behind us.

us-3.jpg  Polar Bear in Ketchikan    

 me-6.jpg     “Whale of a time” in Ketchikan!

After a day in Ketchikan, out next stop was Juneau. 



 In Juneau we spent most of our time out on the ocean, in a regualr type boat, whale watching.  It was so awesome.  The water is calm and as smooth as glass.  As you sit there and wait for the whales to make and appearance you can observe Bald Eagles swooping down and plucking fish right out of the water in front of you.  Sea Lions swim right up to the boat to see what you are up too.   

sea-lion.jpg Checking out what we are up too. 

  sea-lion-2.jpg  Keeping us company on our whale watching tour. 


Then there are the whales – Humpback Whales – gentle giants of the sea.  As you sit there you can hear them as they “blow” into the air and you see a spout of steam rise from the water.  Then as you watch this big, graceful, beautiful creature emerges from the depths, just long enough for you to catch a glimpse, then they are gone again.



Two whales before they surface



A Humpback Whale close enough to touch . . . . . . . .  almost.

Captain Larry (white beard) and Captain (?) who took us out looking for whales.  These two guys know everything there is to know about whales and the ocean life in Alaska.  They are AWESOME!!!!! I could have talked to them all day.

captain-larry.jpg Captain Larry, Captain (?) and Me                        

After whale watching we did a little shopping because we had to get back to our ship.  We only had about 5 hours total in Juneau which was stupid because there are MANY things to do!  You can even hug a bear in Juneau – I did.


After Juneau we went to Skagway – a very, tiny town in Alaska.  We were there for the 4th of July and there was a parade and games and bake sales and all the other things you would associate with a small town.  We were going to go to a “Mushers Camp” where you get to meet sled dogs and even ride a dog sled – BUT my husband over slept and all the “Musher Camps” were full.  So I went shopping and spent money and he did not complain – what a great guy!

skagway.jpgMe with a Skagway moose right before I enter the store to spend $ !!!

We left Skagway and headed to Prince Rupert, Canada – another small, quaint town.  I Bought one tiny souvenier and that was it.

prince-rupert-2.jpg   Prince Rupert, Canada 



Our ship in Prince Rupert, Canada – which was our last stop.

Then we began our journey back.  The ship had many activities to keep people occupied.  We had some great entertainment, almost every night.  Of course nothing could beat the ALL-YOU-COULD-EAT-CHOCOLATE BUFFET!

So I will now just plug in a few pictures of some of the things we saw – on and off the ship.


The Carousel Lounge had Merry-Go-Round Horses you could sit on – very uncomfortable -the horses did not move.

white-horse-2.jpg  horse-black-2.jpg


  ICE SCULPTURES at the Chocolate Buffet – decoration only                                                               

swan.jpg  ice-buffet.jpg    fish.jpg

THE CHOCOHOLICS BUFFET!                                                                    

ch-buffet.jpg   buffet.jpg  entrance-to-buffet.jpg


Seattle Space Needle   


Eiffel Tower


    Motorcycle man    


Beautiful scenery from the balcony of our room:

rainbow-2.jpg   fog.jpg   berg.jpg     beautiful.jpg

I must confess that these pictures do NOT do justice to this beautiful place.  If you EVER have the chance to go to Alaska, GO!!!!!!  I am already contemplating my next trip.  It will be a few years off – but I am already starting the plans.